After your experiment

In this section you will find useful information to end your stay on the infrastructure. For all the details, we recommend that you read the user guide.


The badge must be returned at the end of the experiment campaign to the Apollon Research Infrastructure.


This report must be done as soon as possible in order to collect information on the points to be improved, on the progress of the experimental campaign (particularly important if another experimental campaign is scheduled), positive or negative aspects. When submitting this document, the PI will also provide the satisfaction questionnaire.

Scientific report

This report is submitted to the Bord of Directors with notes on the facility and the support teams. It must be returned  in mid-November of the year which the campaign take place. It can be written in English.

Collected data

All of your equipment used in the experimental rooms will be checked for radiation in order to verify or not the presence of activation. In the event of a positive detection on a piece of equipment, you will be allowed to leave with it if you have all the necessary authorizations and documents. Otherwise, this equipment will be stored in our premises and treated according to our procedure.


All the rules relating to publications and communications are described in detail in the user’s charter.