APOLLON is a research infrastructure (RI) under the supervision of CNRS and École polytechnique, which is operated by the LULI (UMR 7605). It is located on the site Orme des merisiers, Saint-Aubin (91538). The RI APOLLON is listed on the 2018 National Roadmap of the Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur, de la recherche et de l’innovation (Mesri). This registration represents a recognition of its value in the Stratégie nationale de recherche (SNR).

Design to reach an exceptional multipetawatt laser peak power (1PW in 2019, 4 PW in 2022, 7 PW in 2024 and 10 PW en 2025), the infrastructure allows the production of particle beams and radiation with unique parameters. APOLLON is a major tool to explore new research’s fields from ralativistic physics to vaccum physics.

To achieve these results, APOLLON is fitted with experimental rooms and instrumentation technologies on the cutting edge ; commisioning started in 2019. RI APOLLON is open to experimenters from November 2022 .

Documents to download :
– the booklet
– the flyer