APOLLON RI allows the development of research studies in ultra high intensity lasers physic. The physic of interaction of matter and plasmas in a range of light intensity up to ~ 1023 W/cm2 offers researchers many perspectives, both in the field of particle source generation and intense radiation as well as in very high intensity and relativistic physics and plasmas, astrophysics and quantum physics.

Particles and radiations sources

The APOLLON laser aims at producing particle beams and radiation sources with exceptional characteristics. This studies will open the ways to several social applications.

High field physic

APOLLON’s ultra-intense and highly focused impulses open the study of ultra-relativistic laser-plasma interactions.

Enceinte d’interaction IC2 en salle longue focale

Plasmas’ physics

The RI APOLLON makes possible to carry out experiments aimed at validating simulation models, particularly on very high-flow interaction, which are still in their early stages but have many applications.