APOLLON is a Research Infrastructure (RI) under the supervision of the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) and the École polytechnique. Designed to reach an exceptional multipetawatt laser peak power, the infrastructure allows the production of particle beams and radiation with unique parameters. To achieve these results, APOLLON is fitted with experimental rooms and instrumentation technologies on the cutting edge ; commisioning started in 2019, to be open to experimentalists from all around the world early 2020.

Salle pilote du laser Apollon
APOLLON’s front-end room – © Jérémy BARANDE / École polytechnique

To come to APOLLON

CEA Saclay– Orme des Merisiers / building 708 / 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France


The Research Infrastructure is operated by LULI, namely the “APOLLON” team. The Laboratoire pour l’utilisation des lasers intenses (LULI) is a joint research unit (CNRS, École polytechnique, CEA, Sorbonne Université, UMR 7605).