As part of the ASTRE 2013 – MIDEF 400 project, supported by the Conseil départemental de l’Essonne, the LULI and Imagine Optic have worked together to develop a deformable mirror.  The latter, is able to correct the wave surface of 400mm diameter laser-beam recquiring a 200nm wide spectrum and operating on a facility open to external users with constraints.

The research themes involved in this project were as follows:

· Mechanical-behaviour modelling of very large thin membranes (Imagine Optic);
· Adaptation of negative feedback loops necessary to correct the wave surface and to optimize the focal spot (Imagine Optic, LULI);
· Shaping laser-beam before focusing (LULI).

This collaboration also led to the achievement of a test-bench able to check the surface condition of flat optics with a useful beam diameter 400mm. This test-bench is accessible to teams from outside the LULI, under acces condition. It is located on RI APOLLON’s site, at l’Orme des merisiers.

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