Selected project

Call 2021

Title of the campaign Proposer Identifier
High harmonic generation emitted from ultra-relativistic plasma mirrors Adrien LEBLANC (LOA, France) 22-SF-01
Laboratory nucleosynthesis investigations using ultra-bright laser-driven neutron sources Julien FUCHS (LULI, France) 22-SF-02
Grazing incidence scheme for proton acceleration Marco BORGHESI (QUB, UK) 22-SF-03
Generation of laser-driven GeV-scale high-quality positron beams Gianluca SARRI (QUB, UK) 22-LF-01
Multi Gev electron acceleration in an optically controlled plasma guide Cédric THAURY (LOA, France) 22-LF-02


Call 2022

Title of the campaign Proposer Identifier
Fe Opacity in X-ray (FOX) Frédéric PEREZ (LULI, France) 23-SF-02
Nonlinear Inverse Compton Scattering from double-layer targets at Apollon 1PW Livia LANCIA (LULI, France) 23-SF-03
Generation of MeV radiation using Compton scattering Kim TA PHUOC (LOA, France) 23-LF-01
Laser-plasma accelerator using plasma mirror injector Adrien LEBLANC (LOA, France) 23-LF-02