The RI APOLLON delivers a set of ultra-intense and ultra-short laser sources, whose performance will not be exceeded in medium term by any other facility in the world.

It aims at generating several secondary sources of “hard” and “soft” X-ray or particles (electron, proton, ion) with exceptional characteristics. This sources should be very different from other facilities around the world, paving the way for many unexplored research’s areas in physics, chemistry, astrophysics, biology and medicine. Considering that each experimental room is independant and radioprotected, the opening time of the facility is maximum.

Laser beams

APOLLON’s four ultra-hight intensity laser beams allow us to explore new physical regimes. They have exceptional caracteristics with a total energy on targets of up 265 Joules and pulses duration of up 15 fs as a rate of 1 shot per minute.

Short focal area

With a f-number of F/2,5 and the quality of the beams, this room allows to focus the beams on a target with a diameter small enough to reach intensity greater than 2.10²²W/cm², in scalable configurations.

Salle courte focale

Long focal area

The “long focal area” is dedicated to laser acceleration of particles (especially electrons), using long focal length focusing optics, in the order of several ten of meters (6-30m); it includes two enclosures (interactions at 1 and 10PW).

Enceinte d’interaction IC2 en salle longue focale