Long focal area

The LFA (Long Focal Area) room of the RI APOLLON will host electron acceleration and X-Ray creation experiments. Both “F2” (1PW) and “F1” (10PW) beams are directed to distinct interaction zones (IC1 and IC2) in order to allow either independant experiments with the two beams, or, two-stages experiments (F2 as an injector and F1 as a booster).

Experimental space of the 1PW beam in the Long Focal Area – © Frédéric Durillon/Animea Studio

“F2” beam can be directed in IC1 to make the plasmas from the “F1” and “F2” beams interact directly in the same enclosure.

“F2” beams’ focal length can be either de 3m or 9m. “F1” beams’ focal length can be either de 8m or 20m. Ultimately, the focal lengh can be 32m.

Beams “F3” and “F4” are not delivered in this room. However, it is possible to have a probe laser beam with the same properties as “F2” in the IC2 and “F1” IC1 enclosure, but with an energy equal to 5% of the energy of the “F1” and “F2” beams.

Enceinte d’interaction IC2 en salle longue focale
Interaction enclosure IC2 in Long Focal Room – © Barande Jérémy /EP